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  welcome to Jan Kalyan Bhavana

Jan Kalyan Bhavana website! It is our pleasure furnishing you with firsthand information regarding the services. As an NGO, we offer some better services to human being with full online offline support to growth of Social welfare. And also about the global warming. That is Delhi based ngo which works on awareness project about global warming and education. Which is works world wide. our promise to every body that should be aware about every things.

We are committed to social justice, sustainable development and human rights. The right to communicate freely is a basic human right and a necessity for sustainable development. Access to information is essential to informed decision-making at all levels. We are committed to the dissemination of information and promotion of sustainable development initiatives, in response to the needs of under represented and marginalized sectors of society. For bridging the data gap and improving information availability we are committed to develop and establish an ideal medium for the Participation and exchange of a trusted and accurate source of quality information.

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Home   |   About us   |   Aims & Object   |   Recruitment 2013-14   |  Form Download   |   Members   |   Contact us

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